Adventures in VHS – Trailer Tracks

One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about while writing Adventures in VHS is how best to incorporate the full ‘experience’ of the films I’m covering. For the most part, each section looks at what, if anything, the film means to me and how much I’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed) sitting down to watch it all these years later.

However, I’m also keen to get a bit in about the cover, the trailer and the idents that make the home video experience so unique. As you can see by looking at the early, rejected chapter of the book, I started out by dedicating a large portion of the copy to these things, but to my mind it was way too much – and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain this in creating the book I wanted to create. But one place I’ve been able to indulge this side of things is via the Adventures in VHS podcast.

I must admit, I was a little unsure about this section of the show when I first included it. After all, it’s essentially just me freestyle rambling and chuckling at some of the weird and wonderful trailers the tapes throw up. But what has amazed me is that most of the feedback I’ve had suggests that for many, this is the best part of the podcast! Anyway, it seemed to make sense to make more of this part of the show by giving people a way to see the trailers for themselves, so I decided to give Adventures in VHS an all new media platform. And the Trailer Tracks YouTube Channel was born.

So basically, this will be a video channel that will run alongside the podcast, with additional episodes here and there when I feel like putting them up. To kick things off, I’ve retrospectively stuck the audio tracks from the show together with the VHS tracks they relate to, but as you’ll see there are some slight issues with synching. Pretty minor i think, but just so you know, future episodes won’t have this problem. Also, rather than being descriptive of the trailers, the audio will in futures probably be more of a commentary – which will hopefully make it feel a bit more like you’re watching along with me!

Anyway, here are the first four episodes of Trailer Tracks, feel free to subscribe to the actual YouTube channel, but there will also be a permanent page for the channel right here – along with individual blog posts each time one goes up (which of course I will share on Facebook/Twitter. Well, enough rambling – there’s plenty of that on the videos. Enjoy the show…

Adventures in VHS: Trailer Tracks Episode 1 – Creepozoids (1987)

Adventures in VHS: Trailer Tracks Episode 2 – Class of Nuke ‘Em High (1986)

Adventures in VHS: Trailer Tracks Episode 3 – Devouring Waves (1984)

Adventures in VHS: Trailer Tracks Episode 4 – Ghoulies (1985)

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