Adventures In VHS Episode 7 – Xtro (1983)

Xtro review interview VHSAdventures in VHS rounds off 2012 with a seventh episode taking you all the way back to 1983 for a look at ‘the video nasty that got away’ Xtro (1983). It’s got evil aliens, man-sized child birth, murderous dwarf clowns, face-raping eggs and all the proof you’d ever need that ‘not all extra terrestrials are nice’ – but is it any good? Join me as I endeavor to find out!

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have an exclusive, hilarious and brutally honest interview with the film’s director Harry Bromley Davenport – the man who once branded it “reprehensible”. Has he changed his mind? What went on during the making of the film? How does he feel about it being branded a ‘video nasty’? All this and more in a fantastic discussion with the director.

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