Adventures In VHS Episode 6 – Kindred (1987)

Adventures in VHS returns with a blinding sixth episode that once more sees me travel back to the forgotten realm of the video rental store which served as my childhood Mecca. For this episode, I take an in depth look at Kindred (1987) before talking exclusively to the man behind its iconic cover and poster art, Graham Humphreys.

Of course, Graham isn’t just responsible for this particular piece, having supplied the marketing for films like A Nightmare on Elm St 1 – 5, Basket Case and Creepers (AKA Phenomena) and many more. Not only that, but his celebrated work on the Evil Dead I and II See below) are as brilliant an example of film art as you are likely to find…

So join me as I talk about the history of the movie Kindred, look at it’s 1987 release on Entertainment in Video, take a look at the trailer – and review the man responsible for its glorious artwork.

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