Adventures In VHS Episode 5 – The Coca-Cola Kid (1985)

Adventures In VHS is the podcast that supports the upcoming book of the same name, where I look at a particular film from the 1980s and analyze the UK VHS version of it, with a full review and in-depth look at the movie itself

In Episode 5, I get up close and personal with The Coca-Cola Kid, a brand-saturated oddity from 1985. I also have a selection of listeners’ VHS memories and select one of them to win a very special FrightFest 2012 goodie bag with additional DVDs and a mystery VHS tape thrown in too!

The show is a bumper one, running at over 90 minutes, so there is plenty to chew on and, while this month it is without an interview, I have a great selection of guest contributions to enjoy.

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