Adventures In VHS Episode 3 – Devouring Waves (1984) / Monster (1980)

Adventures In VHS is a podcast – and upcoming book – dedicated to the lost format of VHS. Each month, I revisit the 1980s to pick out a movie from my collection of ex-rental tapes and give you an in-depth look at the film and much more besides.

As I was unable to lock down the usual interview this month due to scheduling commitments, I decided to make the show a double feature instead. So, with that in mind, its back-to-back creatures from the deep with Lamberto Bava’s Devouring Waves (1984) and Barbara Peeters’ Monster (1980 – AKA Humanoids from the Deep).

As always, I look at the history of the movies themselves, the VHS tapes I’ve been able to acquire for the book and everything from the trailers to the artwork to whether or not you should be checking them out yourself.

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