RIP Adventures in VHS

Well, that’s it. Next week, the final physical copies of Adventures in VHS will go out the door, bringing five years of writing, movie watching, collecting video tapes, podcasting, editing, designing, proof reading, marketing and packaging to an end.

The book has been fired out in the post to people right across the UK and Europe, as well as much further afield in places like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Digital copies have been uploaded and downloaded via the website and through Amazon, while the members only pages of have given one last breath of life to the podcast and blogs that helped create it.

I’ve had some incredible feedback from the people who’ve read the book – and it feels very much like it’s been enjoyed in the spirit with which it was written. Having yelled at the internet about my project for what seems like a lifetime, it has been published, purchased and absorbed by the community it was intended for, along with a whole other bunch of people I had no idea would end up reading it.

Adventures in VHS at Yale
Adventures in VHS in its home at Yale

As well as being added to the library and Film & Media Degree reading list at Manchester Metropolitan University (where I’ve also lectured on VHS culture), it now stands proudly on the shelf at Yale University. And, as someone who grew up addicted to US movies, I’m all too familiar with the name of this celebrated institution so feel incredibly privileged to be able to say that. It’s also good to know future Yale alumni will now be better equipped to achieve true greatness in life having read about how I was constipated as a child because of the poster for 1984’s Ghoulies.

Getting the book done has, overall, been an immensely fulfilling experience. Sure, it was peppered with moments of frustration and one or two occasions where I thought I might give up and swipe the whole folder of work into the trash can, but in the end it was all worth it. I stuck with it and I managed to get the thing done. And yeah, I’m proud of that. But now its finally over… so I’m moving on.

Adventures in VHS is done. There will be no reprinted copies, no resurrected version of the podcast and Adventures in VHS 2: Analogue Boogaloo. There will be no more newspaper interviews, guest blogs or tweets encouraging people to support, pre order or buy it. All that remains is an eBook, which will sit on the internet waiting for interested parties to happen upon it either via the website, on Amazon or in one of the digital libraries where it will soon available to borrow.

So this is my last opportunity to say, I thank each and every one of you who made this project a reality and supported it up until the end. I hope it was worth the wait and you got a kick out of finally reading it. As I’ve said before, if you hadn’t bought it, it wouldn’t exist – so you’ll always have my gratitude.

Adventures in VHS on the day it finally arrived from the printers.
Adventures in VHS on the day it finally arrived from the printers.

A month or two ago, when the book had been printed, I was asked if I had any plans to do another one. After such a long road, the answer was pretty clear to me. I had exorcised my analogue demons and was ready to retire from yelling at the internet about my blogs, my book and my podcast. And that’s still true today. Well, sort of…

If I’m honest, there’s one idea rattling around my head that I think would make a great follow up project for me. It’s an early stage idea and has nothing to do with VHS, but it could well borrow the ‘Adventures in…’ prefix and some of the tone and style I set up with that book. So stay tuned…

Anyway, that’s for the future. And, going by how long it took me to get Adventures in VHS made, it might not be wise to hold your breath.

But for now, I bid a fond and loving farewell to my first book project.

Adventures in VHS is dead, long live Adventures in TBC.

Written by:

Noel is a professional marketing writer and content producer born and bred in Manchester, England. His first book, a self published cult movie memoir called Adventures in VHS, is now available here.


  1. Steven Moore

    Although I discovered the whole project very late in the day, it was obvious how much love, care and attention went in to it.
    I too had a tiny local video shop which had a Gatekeeper and he too had an agreement with my Mum – I could rent anything I liked, with no limits on gore or violence but no porn.
    Rading Adventures in VHS, I felt like I’d stepped back in time a little to a comforting, easier time (which also had more exploding heads) and I’m very happy I was able to grab a copy before they all went.
    Thank you Noel for a piece of nostalgia that, even though obviously not written for me, I found very personal.

  2. Andy

    Hi Noel, thanks for all the time and effort that went into AiVHS! I know it has already been appreciated by many. Not sure if it’s something that you’d be open to considering or not but what about one final podcast? Not about a film but about the book. You could cover your thoughts on the experience and also give readers an opportunity to give their opinions on the book/show/experience. Just an idea and I am already more than happy with my copy of AiVHS so I won’t be at all disappointed if this really is the end of the road. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Andy! To be honest, I think this has to be the end… Onwards to new and exciting projects!

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