Adventures in VHS

The home video explosion of the 1980s is one of the defining moments in our cultural history. VHS (and, for a while, Betamax) offered greater control over our home entertainment and opened the door to all manner of films… films which might otherwise have never seen the light of day. Adventures in VHS is the story of how a young boy stumbled blindly into this world of horror, comedy, sex and violence – and fell in love with everything he found there.

An authentic recreation of the video rental experience that offers a public and personal history of the era, followed by an anecdotal exploration of 60 films – all carefully sourced especially for the project and in their original big box ex-rental format. With supporting words from filmmakers and other VHS pioneers, as well as full colour images of the gloriously illustrated tapes themselves, Adventures in VHS is an immersive look at a bygone era – through the eyes of someone who probably should have been in bed.

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Noel is a professional marketing writer and content producer born and bred in Manchester, England. His first book, a self published cult movie memoir called Adventures in VHS, is now available here.

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