The 100 Club: How much rape do I actually need?

I spit on your grave 1978 cut

Curating the perfect collection of 100 Blu-rays comes with a set of challenges, not all of which you might at first expect. For example, even when you’ve decided a certain title has a place on your shelf, how do you choose which release to buy? There are aesthetics to consider of course, but also what features and extras are important to you. And in some cases, you’ll even need to think about whether or not it’s the fully uncut version of the movie itself.

With Meir Zarchi’s I Spit on Your Grave (1978), a film I’ve always greatly admired but often found difficult to talk about (for presumably obvious reasons), this was a dilemma I faced on all three fronts. The film hasn’t had a 100% uncut release in the UK since the 1982 pre certification Wizard/Astra VHS that crept out into the world ahead of the 1984 Video Recordings Act. After that, every subsequent British release has been severely tampered in one way or another. So, where do I start on which one to buy now? (more…)

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Dude & A Monkey Episode 107 – The Lost Police Academy

Dude-and-a-Monkey-FilmRantOn this week’s thrilling installment, Marc & Ian take a journey while admiring Matt Smith’s muscles with a review of Lost River, have an extended trailers and What We Watched section and hammer through Police Academy 3 & 4 in a marathon which Ian may be regretting suggesting a little bit…

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The 100 Club: “You are home,” whispered Scarlett

Scarlett is the voice of the 100 club in my head

I’ve never been one for crowing about my favourite films or creating lists and top tens, partially because, well, it’s just too fucking hard. How do you pick one film above all others? How do you pick ten? And 100? Well, that just seems impossible…doesn’t it?

After all, there are the other questions that make grading someone else’s art problematic. What are you basing your judgment on? What qualifies you to select one work over another? Does your life experience (or lack of it) aid or inhibit your ability to make an informed decision about what value something has? And if your personal experience changes with time, doesn’t that mean so too will your opinion? (more…)

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The 100 Club: Why I won’t take part


On Friday 27th February, FilmRant’s head honcho Noel Mellor floated the idea of The 100 Club at me. I was very excited, as Marc Foster’s earlier article further details, maybe a little too excited. The idea of having a collection of 100 Blu-rays which succinctly sum up your film life is a wonderful idea – and one for which I was very up for… Until I wasn’t.

Noel, Mike and Marc are three intrepid souls who are going on quite a journey, one we hope you’ll join them on or, like me, enjoy listening to the whole thing rip up their souls while they cry in anguish while trying to justify including The Evil Dead Trilogy set  “because 1 and 3 can essentially be extra features” (something said by one of those three this week). I however am not joining them on this voyage… and here’s why.


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The VoDFather: 15/04/2015

Afflicted netflix review

What the hell is there on your Netflix, Amazon and iTunes this week? Any interesting new buzz horror movies, animated family features or dark indie romance pieces to see on VoD? Who the fuck knows?

Well, Ian Loring does. That’s right folks, it’s time to pucker up and get ready to kiss a particularly rusty ring. The VoDFather will see you now…


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Dude and a Monkey Episode 106 – Furiously Late

Dude-and-a-Monkey-FilmRantTechnical difficulties mean this is the latest Furious 7 review you will come across this side of a Blu-ray release, but it’s also the fucking best, as again we are joined by the always excellent Noel Mellor. We will also chat some other bits we’ve all been watching and get our teeth into the second instalment of our Police Academy marathon as the gang take on their first assignment.

As always feedback is much welcome, as are itunes reviews!

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Click here for Dude and a Monkey Episode 106 – Furiously Late


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Fuck the haters #2: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 FilmRant

Back in April 2010 I found myself with a rare Friday night where I had no work, the wife was on on a girl’s night out and my daughter was staying at her grandparents. This hardly ever happens, so I did what any self-respecting film buff does and hotfooted it to the cinema.

Upon arriving, I realised in my excitement I’d not actually planned what to watch. So I perused the board and noticed the next thing playing was Hot Tub Time Machine. Amused by the snappy title, I thought what the hell – and found it to be a perfectly passable comedy with just about enough charm to satisfy me.

However over the past five years, repeated viewings on Blu-Ray have caused it to move up in my estimation – to the level where I genuinely adore it and would count it among my favourite comedies of all time. I can seriously watch it on a weekly basis and not bore of its profane ridiculousness. So when people say: “who actually wanted a sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine?” I say… I fucking did!


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Fuck the haters #1: Star Wars in “Digital HD”

The push by film distributors away from physical to digital media is something which has torn me in recent months. But recently, I have taken the plunge to move my collection to that rather scary Cloud in the sky. This has been made rather more reassuring this week with the announcement that the Star Wars films are coming out in “Digital HD” (a term I hate but one that seems to have stuck).

Making headlines on tech, pop-culture and even newspaper websites, it shows the continuing power of the Force – but not all have been happy. The Star Wars films have come to symbolise the increasing need on the internet to lump feelings into binary ‘love/hate’ terms. People love the original trilogy and hate the prequels. They love Ewoks, but hate Jar-Jar. And this week, it seems like the general consensus has been love for the physical copies, and hate for the impending digital release.


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Adventures in VHS Presents: The Mancunian Man

Adventures in VHS Cliff Twemlow Sleeve The Mancunian ManBack in 2013, while writing Adventures in VHS, I stumbled across a couple of films I’d been meaning to watch for some time. One was GBH, a rough around the edges gangster action film shot on the streets of Manchester, and the the other was Tuxedo Warrior, a kind of Casablanca meets James Bond with lots of ambition and a dash of bad acting.

The one connective tissue between these films was Cliff Twemlow. A musician, writer, actor and film-maker from my part of the world who was something of a forgotten local hero. I’d come across him before, but Adventures in VHS gave me the opportunity to fully explore his world. It was while I was immersed in this man’s film, music and writing output that I realised, there was a story here that had to be told. (more…)

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